"When you smile, I feel 101 % happy"

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Lonely spirit

With nobody, only with a few thoughts remembering myself my desolation. Feeling the wet air around me. Only the trees can hear my soul whispering, complaining about the world and about all. I see the path endings, but I dont want to continue, I wish I could stay here forever, only with my shadow's company. I know I'm not being positive and that it sounds quite 'depressant' or 'gothic', but it is what I feel now. It's sad, but I realize that I need to read my own blog posts for encourage myself and see the life colorful, a little bit happier... Could someone explain what is happening to me? Why sometimes I feel the most happy person in this world, and other days I feel like this, without any desire to live the life? Luckily, everybody knows my real personality, the "happy-me". The saddest part of me only appears when i'm alone, sometimes, but never when I'm with the people I love. If you have a medical care for this kind of feelings, tell me. Excepting laughing out loud, I know it very well, I try to practise it almost every day.

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